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Kenmore Washer Coupler

This washer coupling is for the kenmore 25 pack. It is made of metal and has a whirlpool design for better water circulation. The coupling also allows for easy installation in to your laundromat.

Motor Coupler For Kenmore Washer

Kenmore washer and dryer with motor coupler. the kenmore washer and dryer has a motor coupler to reduce noise and improve performance. This means that washers and dryers from kenmore can now be used with two motors, which means faster textured water and more air flow. the motor coupler is still an important part of the kit, but now it can also be turned off and on as needed. This means that the washer and dryer can be used in both hot and cold water. It also means that the washer and dryer can be used with two motors in either direction. But now it can be turned off and on as needed.

Kenmore Washer Motor Coupler

This is a perfect for kenmore 12pack washer and dryer models. It is a metal coupling thatenterts the washer for security. It is this metal coupling that makes this product verysafe for your property. this is a wirless washer coupler for the kenmore 285753a washer. It is insert into the motor cover to allow the washer to operate. The coupler also includes the metal insert to protect the unit from damage. the kenmore 285753a 4-pack washer motor coupler is for whirlpool kenmore washers. It is a metal insert that joins the washer's 4 motor races together. This coupler helps keep the washer working properly and is essential for those with standing water in the canal. this is a perfect for the kenmore 25 pack washer systems. Coupler prevents air from coming in contact with the metal part of the washer, which makes them last even when kept in use. It is easy to use, just insert the coupler into the hole on the washer and away you go.