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Motors Honda Civic 93 Windshield Washer Pump

This motors honda civica 93 windshield washer pump is for the acura honda accord civic cr-v 38512-sa5-013. It is a 3 gpd. It washer pumps work with or without the use of a hose.

Motors Honda Civic 93 Windshield Washer Pump Target

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Top 10 Motors Honda Civic 93 Windshield Washer Pump

This motor is for the honda accord civic 93 windshield washer pump. It is a soviet made motor and not compatible with other vehicles. It is also not compatible with the honda s2000. This motor is for a standing washer pump and is not a ernst pump. this great motor for your honda accord civic element washer pump is perfect for cleaning up your windshield. The pump can do the job quickly and easily, leaving your car running smoothly. this is a great. this is a great motor for those who need power for their honda accord civic prelude s2000 crv car. With a capacity of 30a, this motor is strong and efficient. Additionally, it is equipped with a wimbledon-ball harness wrench to complete your car's mechanics. this item is a motors honda odysseyville 2000-2005 89001132 windshield washer pump. It fits in/on the cage of the car. It is quality materials, made in the usa. It is a #1 rank item on amazon.